The Benefits of Cover Crop

What is a cover crop? A cover crop is a non-cash crop grown to enhance soil quality and support future crops in gardens and farms. These crops can be annual or perennial, including cereals, legumes, brassicas, and other broadleaf species. Examples of cover crops are: Cover crops offer numerous benefits: Cover crops, in their practical…
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Cole Viramontes – Part II

Regenerative Farming: New Farm Practices with Forward-Thinking Innovation Cole Viramontes says his ultimate aim is to achieve a zero-pesticide operation, though the path is challenging and far from straightforward. Many assume it’s simpler than it is, particularly given the distinct climate conditions in our region compared to, say, the central or eastern parts of the…
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Cole Viramontes – Part I

Cole Viramontes recounts a rich family legacy rooted in agriculture, tracing back to his grandfather’s founding of their farm in the 1950s, marking the beginning of a 70-year journey in farming. Initially, his grandfather cultivated various commodity crops, including cotton and grains, laying the groundwork for the farm’s future. The agricultural venture faced challenges, especially when…
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