The Craft

Our Craft Is...

no gmo2

Not Engineered

Vidalia uses non-GMO Heirloom Pima Cotton. Unlike GMO cotton the cultivation of Heirloom Pima doesn’t include the toxic chemistry in herbicides and fertilizers that are SOP in industrial cotton crops around the world.

no poly

Polyester Free

Vidalia is a Polyester-Free Zone. Polyester is bad for the environment, it’s bad for farmers and it’s a crappy fiber. Vidalia doesn’t use it - EVER.

non toxic

Non Toxic

Vidalia only uses natural indigo and doesn’t use toxic industrial salts in its dye process, ubiquitous in the global textile industry.


Bee Positive

Vidalia only uses commercially grown bee-pollinated cotton. The buzz is that we are the ONLY ones doing this.


Water Saving

Vidalia’s indigo dye range system uses 70% less water and chemistry than traditional denim.

clean energy

Energy Efficient

Over half of Vidalia’s power comes from a hydroelectric dam located 40 miles downriver from our mill. Vidalia’s engineered, innovative improvements in manufacturing allow it to use 50% less energy than a traditionally engineered cotton mill ring spinning cotton.

Our Process

Welcome to our presentation on the innovative creation of Vidalia yarn, where we combine the exceptional qualities of Heritage Pima cotton to produce a superior textile that is not only stronger and more durable but also more sustainable. Through our advanced processes, Vidalia yarn sets a new standard in the industry, significantly reducing water usage and incorporating traceable technology. This ensures that each strand of our yarn is not just a testament to quality but also to our commitment to environmental stewardship and transparency. Join us as we explore how Vidalia yarn is transforming the textile industry, one thread at a time.