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Join the Vidalia movement, where we champion pure American cotton. As guardians of our environment, we are crafting a new story for cotton's future.

Pure American Cotton.

Vidalia stands out as one of the rare entities that can truly boast of Pure American Cotton. Where many organizations may seek shortcuts, avoid their duties, and shy away from responsibility, Vidalia understands that purity is not achieved through such means. True purity is the result of diligent effort and the adherence to strong values.

Vidalia News

FORBES.COM | 3.28.2024

Vidalia Mills in Vidalia, Louisiana, is the first and only mill in the world to embed a unique digital tracker into its plant-based cotton fibers. It’s a safe tracing technology similar to that used in pharmaceuticals and is made from a non-petroleum-based cellulose or sugar. This is a way of authenticating the cotton, tracing it back to its origins: the farm, the harvest, even the very seed.

VIDALIA.COM | 3.28.2024

Vidalia | Meet the Growers: Cole Viramontes

Cole Viramontes recounts a rich family legacy rooted in agriculture, tracing back to his grandfather's founding of their farm in the 1950s, marking the beginning of a 70-year journey in farming. Initially, his grandfather cultivated a variety of commodity crops, including cotton and grains, laying the groundwork for the farm's future. The agricultural venture faced its challenges, especially when transitioning to the hands of Cole's father in the 1980s. During this period, the volatility of commodity markets prompted a shift towards vegetable farming, with green chili peppers, onions, and watermelons becoming the new focal points, though cotton remained a part of their crop rotation.