The Products

The Denim

Vidalia Mills stands at the forefront of sustainable and ethical denim production, exclusively using hybrid Pima cotton, untainted by the common practices of herbicide or pesticide treatment. This commitment ensures that each piece of denim is not only of the highest quality but also environmentally friendly. The cotton, pollinated naturally by bees, underscores Vidalia Mills' dedication to environmental stewardship. By choosing this method, Vidalia Mills contributes to the preservation of bee populations and promotes healthier ecosystems. This approach to denim manufacturing reflects their deep respect for nature and commitment to producing textiles that are kind to the planet and its inhabitants, setting a new standard for the industry.

Vidalia Pacific

Vidalia has a 25,000-foot manufacturing plant in Los Angeles with water-efficient garment dye equipment and in-house circular knitting and cutting capacity. Vidalia's water-saving technology minimizes consumption, saving millions of gallons of water annually.

With a focus on denim, T-shirts, and fleeces, Vidalia can supply customers with qualitatively better apparel 100% grown, spun, and sewn in the USA.

With its embedded digital fingerprint and the corresponding app, Vidalia has set the standard for providing real accountability and transparency to consumers.  Vidalia Pacific products are made with the highest transparency and accountability at every production stage. Consumers will now know that the apparel was made responsibly and by scanning the QR code, they can get a complete garment history from seeds pollinated by bees to finished apparel

This radically reduces the shipping distances that cotton must travel to become a T-shirt or a pair of jeans, from 19,000 miles to less than 2500 miles.

It is also a quicker-response model because it is powered by Vidalia’s ability to create high-quality yarns, which are the building blocks of better textiles.

Vidalia believes that Made in the USA should be more than a cliche. It's ALL HERE.  It's a movement to bring things back by improving them - with the values and integrity you expect.