Our Commitment to True Sustainable Production

Vidalia Mills is setting the new standard for the global denim and textile industry for sustainability and transparency in manufacturing. As a producer of performance yarns and premium textiles located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Vidalia Mill’s use of innovative technology and it’s unique manufacturing processes allows it to compete effectively with denim production from countries with dramatically lower labor costs.

Vidalia Mill’s starting point is its bedrock commitment to real, measurable, sustainable practices that can be a catalyst for better practices throughout the cotton, textile and apparel industries. Simply put, high-quality manufacturing can be environmentally friendly as well as cost-competitive, and it all can be done in the United States.

The global textile and apparel industry has a very bad track record in terms of environmental impact, water usage, and labor practices. It's estimated that 20% of global chemical pollution is attributable to the textile industry, while an average pair of blue jeans consumes approximately 1,800 gallons of water to produce. However, Vidalia Mills achieves real and measurable sustainability in every facet of its product manufacturing cycle.


For example, it sources only locally grown certified sustainable cotton, in a manufacturing process that uses a fraction of the energy, AND is the first mill in the world to have a closed-loop zero-discharge water filtration system.


Vidalia Mills believes that many consumers want to buy denim that shares and reinforces their values, while at the same time hitting all of the right fashion, comfort and performance notes.

Real sustainability is central to our mission and philosophy, from what raw materials are unloaded and used forward, through each step of the manufacturing process. Vidalia Mills has developed a total manufacturing process approach to sustainability with the goal of being able to give customers complete transparency about the carbon footprint, water usage, and what chemicals and processes were used in making their denim. It’s a commitment traceability from the retail shelf, all the way back to the farm, where the cotton was grown.

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